The Table

He sat at the table with three guys. Wiping his palms, he realised he was starting to sweat. If this didn’t work out his wife would leave but, he felt good, everything would be ok. That was until the guy opposite showed that he was sitting with three ladies.

The Washing


Luke stared at the red sock attached to his only good interview shirt as it came out of the washing machine. Three hours later the boss shook his hand and said ‘it was the shirt that got you the job. Different, just what we want for our business.’

The Alarm

Grabbing my family I raced for the nearest exit, as I heard the alarm. All the exits were blocked and the smoke was getting thicker. We couldn’t get stuck I couldn’t lose them. I woke with a jolt and turned the alarm off. The smoke was gone and so were the family.

The Step Ladder


One more window to climb through, one more house to rob. Then he could win her back and fix what he had broken. As he climbed out he felt the step ladder slip. When he woke he realised, no matter how much money he stole he couldn’t fix what he had broken this time. 

The Operation

Gripping the tweezers Tom knew he had to finish the operation whilst there was time. The patient laid unmoving on the table. As Tom steadied his hand he reached down into the body. At that moment the buzzer went off and the rest of his class laughed.

The Carrier

20 bottles of perfume for Valentine’s Day. This guy either had a lot of girlfriends or was selling perfume. The shop assistant smiled as she handed him his purchases. He smiled at her. If only she knew he had just purchased the carrier for his deadly agent.

The Roller

Having got all the painting stuff together, she started unwrapping the roller. Ten years ago she had bought it. Since then she had suffered 3 miscarriages and 4 failed IVF attempts. Finally, though she was going to paint the nursery.

The Pike

The pike came onto the line and Jeff pulled it in and secured it in the net. He began to take the hook out of the struggling fishes mouth. That’s when it got stuck on something. Pulling a little harder the hook emerged still attached to the severed finger.

The Genie

Aladdin had worked very hard to gain the favour of the genie. He had done some things he would always be ashamed of. Finally the genie granted him his extra wish. Immortality was Aladdin’s. That’s when the genie reminded him immortality meant being buried alive.

The Trench’s

He took a deep breath. It was now or never. He was going over the top. The rat-a-tat-tat of gun fire could be heard. Over he went, running and dodging until the round hit his chest. Felled like a tree, he hit the ground. At that moment the director yelled cut.

The Car

I looked out of the window at the cars going by. Just staring into the cars. The cars stopped, I carried on staring. That’s when I came to and realised I was looking at my sister. How could this be she had died 5 years ago.

The Reply

‘I love you.’ She said, with a hint of sadness in her eyes. We could give it another try came the reply. Amy ran through the last 5 years in her head. 5 years was a long time to put up with the beating. She smiled, ‘I don’t think so was her reply.’

The Face

Meg stared at the face in the paper. It was her face staring back at her from page 4. It was like looking in a mirror. The problem was the article said photo of what Sam would look like now. Kidnapped twenty years ago.

The Parents

I was taken away at 10 from my parents for 5 years. All the kids are. No one can remember anything that happens in those 5 years. We are just returned. Except I remember everything and these are not my parents.

The Choice

His faith had never rested on one event. He touched the cross hanging at his neck. He had to make a decision either way to continue on this religious path or not. Taking a deep breath he pressed the button. He waved from the balcony.